Photo: Darius Petrulaitis

50. Wix office


ARCHITECTS - Inblum, 2016


This is already the second Wix logo to be seen in Lithuania, featured on one of the buildings in Vilnius Old Town. This means that the Israeli IT company is expanding its offices!

The building, located in the heart of the old town, is surrounded by the active city life, events and the old town atmosphere. This was one of the major criteria when choosing the location for the office.

The building is predominated by a rhythmical glass wall, supporting a massive dynamic ceiling. This composition creates a space with the pulse of life, leading either to open event and leisure zones, or to spaces for work and concentration. Should you wish to spend some time alone here, you can do that too. The entire office environment features circular or dot motives, referring to the “.com” symbol.

Another advantage of the office is the view of Vilnius Town Hall, visible through the line of windows, where the Wix employees can rest their tired eyes. Explore the work space of the leading on-line portal developers

Visiting time

2017 April 23 Sun 10:00–18:00

Tours take place every 30 minutes.
Last tour is on Sat. at 17:30.

How to get there?

Nearest bus stop - Rotušė


Didžioji str. 28
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