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ARCHITECTS – M. P. Šaliamoras, V. E. Čekanauskas, A. Umbrasas, ARCHITECT-RESTORER – L. Masliukienė, LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT – J. Balkevičius, STRUCTURAL ENGINEER – V. Ražaitis, ENGINEERS – V. Martinkienė, R. Karalienė, PAINTER – G. Umbrasas, SCULPTOR – G. Karalius, 2004.


Open House Vilnius invites you to visit the memorial chapel-columbarium which is an inseparable part of the Memorial Complex of the Tuskulenai Peace Park. After the restoration of Lithuanian independence, there were 724 buried bodies found at a site which were reallocated and buried in the chapel-columbarium. The building itself has becomes treasure, and secrets are hidden inside. Its central part is a perfect circle, which symbolises the eternal memory that is passed through generations. There are also many hidden symbols encrypted within the building complex – you will just have to carefully listen and explore the art works hidden in the sacred architecture. One of them is a 30 sq. m mosaic composed of golden wings, which was made by 26 people.

‘In the city centre sprang a barrow. Adorning the crown, children crawled to reach its peak, grasping the crown of suffering and tumbling down again. It is a hill that keeps the manor’s mysteries under its mound, where under echoing vaults fatigued persons are asleep wrapped in golden wings. Briefly steps, light and sounds disturb their peace, and then their souls are torn into whispering and echoing fluttering wings. There are neither windows nor doors, nor a place to escape …

But again, the light goes out, and there are no steps. The time stops, shapes disappear, colours and sounds too. A perpetual and eternal journey begins. Ghosts stream along the tacit water trail to escape the hill, past the Warrior’s Cross gate, to look for peace on the other side of the water.’

Yes, you made it! Just in time for the architecture to help you hear the story of this special place.

Visiting time

2017 April 22 Sat 12:00–17:00
2017 April 23 Sun 10:00–16:00

Tours take place every 30 minutes.
Last tour on Sat. at 16:30 and on Sun. at 15:30.

How to get there?

Nearest bus stop – Tuskulėnų rimties parkas


Žirmūnų str. 1F
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