Author: Julijus Balčikonis

10. Cultural Heritage Centre


ARCHITECTS – A. Trimonis, A. Ambrasas, G. Adlys, 1990.


Cultural Heritage Centre building, established in the very heart of Vilnius Old Town, is characterised by a camp splendour and an abundance of details. Despite of its imposing nature, the building aims to blend in with its historical environment by replicating the structures, proportions and interpretations of elements of the historical architectural, and the characteristic of the old town.

Construction year: 1987–1990. This was height of post-modernism that was often used in opposition to the Soviet functionalism, aesthetic levelling and the mass construction of standard rectangular buildings. The Cultural Heritage Centre is one of the most prominent examples of the effort for individuality at that time.

During the Open House Vilnius tour, you will get to know the building from the inside: the tour begins in the Gothic cellars, which were unearthed by archaeologists and became the major source of the interpretation for the building’s architectural design. Later, you will ascend the stairway that winds around the inner courtyard towards the high atrium, with doors opening into small corridors, offices, towers and old town views, as well as other surprises that are hidden in this post-modern labyrinth. You are most welcome to visit and discover the most charming aspects of this extraordinary piece of architecture.

Visiting time

2017 April 22 Sat 10:00–20:00

How to get there?

Nearest bus stops – Rotušė, Vingrių.


Ašmenos str. 10


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