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Open architecture weekend

This year’s Open House Vilnius event takes place on May 28-29 and invites you to visit more than 50 exclusive buildings in Vilnius. Open House Vilnius is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the joy of learning about the city’s exclusive and high-quality architecture. During the open architecture weekend, stories are told in Vilnius buildings, which are usually completely or partially inaccessible to the public. Tours are free, the event is open to everyone!



The theme of this year’s Open House Vilnius event is Challenging Architecture. Guided tours will be held in more than 50 buildings on May 28-29 at the times indicated. Tours are not pre-registered. You can participate in them on a “live” basis. An artistic performance awaits you in one of the buildings. All information about the event and the program can also be found in the mobile app “OHVilnius”.



The success of the event depends on a large group of amazing people who love architecture. By contributing to the organization of the event, volunteers have the opportunity to get acquainted with the extraordinary buildings, their authors and staff preparing and conducting excursions themselves.