A. The artistic story: „Zellverhall"


On top Lithuanian Institute of Agrarian Economics, during Tauras Hill tour,  contemporary music performance will take place. This music composition is created specially for Open House Vilnius and for this specific building.


Contemporary Music Ensemble Synaesthesis has taken up the mission of introducing works of experimental Lithuanian and foreign composers to the performance venues. This year they are collaborating with compositor and sound artist Andreas Trobollowitsch from Austria.

*In case of bad weather conditions the times may change.


Visiting time

2020 July 11 Sat 12:00–16:30
2020 July 12 Sun 12:00–14:30

Performances will take place: on Saturday 12:10*, 14:10* ir 16:10*; on Sunday 12:10* ir 14:10*

How to get there?

Closest bus stops - Pamėnkalnio, Juozo Tumo-Vaižganto, M. K. Čiurlionio.


V. Kudirkos st. 18