Photo - Leonas Garbačiauskas

2. Hotel Courtyard by Marriott Vilnius City Center


ARCHITECT – "G.Natkevičius ir partneriai". INTERIOR DESIGNERS - „Scott Brownrigg“. LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT - „Martha Schwartz Partners“, 2018.


Courtyard by Marriott Vilnius City Center was the first building to kick off the construction of the Business Stadium. This hotel, designed by Gintautas Natkevčius and partners, became the symbol of a new beginning for the neighbourhood and possessed a brave constructional and architectural idea.

The dynamic body of the hotel reflects two iconic buildings of the neighbourhood: the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Lithuania and Vilnius Palace of Concerts and Sports. The entrance of the building has an elevated corbel, covering a cosy terrace.

As soon as you step inside the hotel, you are greeted by natural lighting and silence, nature tones and intimate spaces. A unique public space – a promenade – has been designed next to the building. The idea of the combination of the two spaces emphasises the interplay between nature and culture. The main focus points are waves, which, according to the architects, symbolise not only the wavy terrain but also the rhythm of the city and its ever-changing culture.

We welcome the visitors to look at the bustling city through the window of a quiet hotel room. We will introduce you to the architecture of the building, its implemented modern technology systems and the distinctive lifestyle of the hotel.


Visiting time

2019 April 27 Sat 10:00–10:00
2019 April 28 Sun 10:00–18:00

Tours are held every half hour. Tour duration - 45 min. Last tour on Saturday is at 7:15 pm; Sunday – 5:15 pm.

How to get there?

Closest bus stop – Rinktinės, Žvejų.


Rinktines str. 3
  • 10