Photo - Rūta Kraujutytė and Birutė Petruskaitė

58. The state small theatre of Vilnius


ARCHITECT –­ K. Korojedovas, 1900, RECONSTRUCTION ARCHITECT –­ M. Prozorovas, 1908.


Numerous fascinating stories as well as splendid interior spaces are concealed behind quiet walls of the 20th century theatre. A glass dome and a winter garden are only a few places that welcomes the visitor to discover and appreciate the historical architectural heritage.The building has gone through a number of reconstructions along with changing function of the building which marks important dates and events that were happening in Vilnius.

The four storey building built in 1900 for a merchant I.Smazenevicius was one of the biggest buildings in Vilnius at the time. The building’s function has changed numerious times: in 1909 ‘Le Grand’ theatre has been active in the building, later there was a hotel ‘Bristol’ which successfully competed with other hotels in Vilnius. After World War II the building became a part of Radiofonas managed by Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic, later a choir of seven women welcomes clients to one of the three ‘stralis’ in Vilnius. During Soviet occupation the building is occupied by the famous Vilnius Central Gastronomie with its amazingly modern  interior.


Visiting time

2019 April 27 Sat 10:00–14:00
2019 April 28 Sun 14:00–18:00

Tours take place every half hour. Last tour on Saturday at 1:30 pm and Sunday at 5 pm.

How to get there?

Nearest bus stops – J. Tumo-Vaižganto, V. Kudirkos aikštė.


Gedimino av. 22
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