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10. House of Ignas Parčevskis


ARCHITECT - Apolinaras Mikulskis, 1895.


Influenced by the ideas of romanticism, historicism in architecture aimed to recreate not only the general image of a style but to also imitate shapes and details.

This period in Lithuania happened at the same time as the expansion of cities, which started happening after the government of tsar executed a land reform in 1861. Architects who practised in the late 19th century, had finished studies in the arts academy of Petersburg, and brought back cosmopolitan Western Europe architectural traditions to the Lithuanian city landscapes.

The residential rental house of the landowner Ignas Parčevskis is located on the shore of Neris and is attractive with its fancy and harmoniously decorated Neo-Baroque façade. The interior of the building communicates the story of the junction between two time periods: the professionally-restored prominent décor of the late 19th century, elegant fireplace tiles and uniquely matching colour combinations stand right next to the distinguishing combinations of interior markings left by the Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine of Vilnius University, which was based in the building in 1945.

Visiting time

2019 April 27 Sat 10:00–20:00
2019 April 28 Sun 10:00–18:00

Tours are held every half hour. Tour duration - 45 min. Last tour on Saturday Sunday is at 7:00 pm and on Sunday at 5:00 pm.

How to get there?

Closest bus stops - Žaliasis tiltas, Karaliaus Mindaugo tiltas.


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