Photo - Norbert Tukaj

35. Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania / Office building Palangos str. 4


ARCHITECTS – J. Šeibokas, D. M. Mikalauskienė, 1978. RECONSTRUCTION ARCHITECTS – Senojo miesto architektai, 2016.


Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania is one of the best examples of late modernism in Vilnius. Here, the architect Justinas Šeibokas took a skilful and slightly risky step by situating the particularly modern complex of the Ministry of Communications close to the Radziwiłł Palace. The complex consisted of the Ministry of Communications, the Central Automatic Phone Station and the Department of Communications.

Part of the complex near Vilniaus Street is slightly raised above street level, while the large block of the building is pushed back into the plot, thus creating the impression that the building is lower than it actually is and keeping with the standard scale of the old town. During its heyday, the building featured a dynamic interior, created by light falling down a few floors through the skylights.

Visiting time

2019 April 27 Sat 10:00–20:00
2019 April 28 Sun 10:00–18:00

Tours are held every half hour. Tour duration - 30 min. Last tour on Saturday is at 7.30 pm; Sunday – 5.30 pm.

How to get there?

Closest bus stops – Jogailos, Islandijos, Centro poliklinika.


Vilniaus st. 33 / Palangos st. 4
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